12 Facts About Farting You Probably Didn’t Know!

People can get in really embarrassing situations if they fart in public, but if they fat in front of close friends and family members it can even make them laugh and joke about it. But there are also situations where farts can be really annoying. But the farts as well as the hiccups and burping are bodily functions.

But there is more about farts besides being funny and smelly. Here are some facts that probably most of the people do not know about farts:

1. When we sleep at night is when most of the farting is happening.

2. Women fart less than men.

3. Female farts have higher concentration of hydrogen sulfide and because of that they stink more but they are healthier to smell.

4. Hydrogen sulfide is what are farts made from and that is why they can turn to be healthy for smelling.

5. What can make a person to fat more is gum and soda.

6. Around 14 times daily is the average number of how many times a person farts.

7. The louder farts come from a tight sphincter.

8. The animals that produce the most farts are the termites. After them are coming cows, camels, elephants, dogs (retrievers and labs), zebras and sheep.

9. People should not be embarrassed when they fart in front of others because that is a sign that you are a healthy person. You need to seek medical help if you do not fart at all.

10. Farts go 10 ft/s.

11. The average 14 farts daily can fill up a balloon.

12. The word fart was coined in 1962 and it actually means a wind from the anus.