The 4-Ingredient Colon Cleansing Mixture That Will Help Empty Your Body Of Toxic Waste

A lot of people suffer from indigestion which is manifested through constipation, serious cramping, trouble sleeping and painful headaches.
This amazing cleanse of your colon will allow you to improve the quality of your digestion at once.

So what does it help with?

Appetite changes
Chronic fatigue
Brain fog
Low energy
Allergy symptoms

This results from your toxins entering the colon and absorbing all of the nutrients inside it.

So what are your supposed to do?

First of all, take a day off and don’t leave the house. Drink a cup as soon as you get up and then one before you have lunch but make sure you don’t eat too much food. Get ready to run to the toilet at all times! Your lunch should be contained of veggies cooked on steam and salmon. Drink another cup in the midafternoon.

It is important to drink at least six glasses of water throughout the day but not after 5.p m. since you are going to be dealing with an all-nighter at the bathroom.

What do you need?

½ cup of 100% pure organic apple juice (prevents ailments and boosts health)
2 tbsp. lemon juice (antioxidant, detox agent, digestion enhancer)
1 tsp. ginger juice (reduces bloating and eases the elimination of toxins)
½ tsp. sea salt (eliminates waste and optimizes bowel movement)
½ cup warm purified water

Do this for a week It is not allowed for diabetitans or pregnant women to consume this mixture.

What will I do for you?
Balances hormones
Improves appetite
Provides good night’s sleep
The cleansing juice eliminates excess fatty acids
Treats anxiety and fatigue

Take care of your health and digestion problems today!