Today’s modern lifestyle comes along with stress, processed foods, not enough sleeping, obesity and many more things that are really bad for the human health. All the mentioned things can lead to high blood pressure which is nowadays one of the most serious health conditions.
This is another good reason to quit smoking and to stop drinking alcohol – they both increase the risk of high blood pressure. You should check your blood pressure if many people from your family had high blood pressure, because if you diagnosed high blood pressure on time you will be more successful with the treatment of it.

Chinese medicine provides many effective methods in treating many health conditions.
This article will show you a method that comes from the Chinese medicine that is very effective in reducing the high blood pressure.

Point 1-2 – From the start to the ending gently touch the yet line (line that begins behind the ear cartilage and goes to the middle of the neckline bone) with your fingers. Repeat this 10 times on each end of the line and 10 more times on the other side. Remember that you need to gently touch the yet line so if you rub it or squeeze it you won’t have the effect.

3 Point:

The line starts from the face, approximately in the height with the earlobe, about half inch away from your ea, and stretches towards your nose. Using your fingertips, press both sides of this line for a minute. Remember to press gently, in order to just feel the pressure.

If done properly and regularly, this treatment will effectively help you in the case of high blood pressure, as it will quickly normalize it! You must try it!