No matter your face shape — round, oval, square, heart or long — there will be haircuts that look best on you and a few that aren’t flattering (unless you’re an oval, in which case you look good in practically everything).

The key to a flattering hairstyle is one that creates the illusion that you have a perfectly oval face. There are cuts that help make a round face appear longer, a long face appear wider, a square jaw appear softer and large foreheads and double chins basically disappear.

It’s not magic, it’s just finding the right haircut.

There are other things to consider when choosing a style, like hair texture, your personality, your lifestyle and even your body type.

How to Figure Out Your Face Shape

Before you venture further into this gallery, you need to know your face shape. It’s likely you have an idea of what yours is.

Does Face Shape Really Matter?

If you don’t have an obvious face shape, ​then your face shape may not really matter in choosing a flattering hairstyle. This gallery is most helpful to women with obvious round, square, long or heart-shaped faces. Women with oval faces tend to look fine in everything and should focus on other factors in choosing a hairstyle, like hair texture and their body shape.

Your face shape is playing the biggest role in finding the perfect haircut for you.

This article will show you some tips how to find the best haircut for you and you will see for each face shape which hairstyle suits the best.

Oval Face
If you have an oval face shape, try not to have boring, straight and long hair. If your hair is wavy or curly, the layered haircut is the best for you because it emphasizes your cheekbones.

Round Face

If your face is round and you have straight hair, keep the shoulder length haircut because it will accelerate your cheekbones. This also applies for wavy or curly hair, but their shoulder length haircut should be layered so to get pyramid shape and contrast the roundness. Also, the structure of the bones will be emphasized this way.

Heart-shaped Face

If you have this type of face shape and straight hair, don’t be afraid of trying new hairstyles. You should try the popular pixie haircut. Another good haircut is multi-layered bob. For wavy or curly hair the best haircut is the layered one.

Square Face

If you have this face shape and your hair is straight, the best haircut is shoulder length, just like the round face shape. Because this face shape has the effect of big forehead and you may want to do something about it, place your bangs from one side to another. This will help you make your forehead look smaller. The same applies for wavy or curly hair: the best haircut is the shoulder length haircut. Also, you can try layered haircut with a few short wisps falling through your forehead.