This Herb Prevents 9 Different Eye Problems Including Cataracts!

Parsley is a herb originated in the Mediterranean region of Southern Italy, Tunisia, and Algeria. Lots of people use it in the food as a spice but do you know its health benefits?

There are several nutrients found in parsley such as Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Iron, Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium, and Zinc.

The antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals found in parsley are known to help increase the immune system.

The Vitamin A content helps to protect the eyes by keeping them moist. When combined with other antioxidants, Vitamin A can reduce the risk Parsley can reduce the risk of cataracts, help to control many diseases such as gallbladder stones, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections, treat bruises, toothaches, insect bites and rheumatoid arthritis.


1.Best’s Disease: a genetic disease that affects the back of the eye when writing, reading or watching television.

Juice: celery, parsley, garlic, apples, leeks, beets, apples, ginger, carrots, lemon, spinach, raspberries, grapes, cabbage, and wheat grass.

2.Cataracts: Cataracts can develop with age and it forms over the lens.

Juice: blueberries, parsley, apples, spinach, endive, and celery.

3.Diabetic Retinopathy: a diabetes complication that creates damage to the retina.

Juice: asparagus, parsley, spinach, beets, ginger, celery, wheat grass, carrots, raspberries, pumpkin, garlic, leeks, and cabbage.

4.Macular Degeneration: results in blurred vision.

Juice: raspberries parsley, apples, bell peppers, broccoli, and leafy greens.

5.Glaucoma: a disease that causes damage to the eye’s optic nerve

Juice: parsley, carrots, cucumber, radishes, raspberries, celery, turnip, beets, apples, cabbage, and plums.


Juice: parsley, parsnip, celery, beets, apples, garlic, carrots, and raspberries.

7.Retinitis Pigmentosis: a group of diseases that causes a progressive decline in vision.

Juice: parsley, carrots, leeks, beets, garlic, cabbage, ginger, lemon, raspberries, grapes, celery, apples, wheat grass, and spinach.

8.Lattice Degeneration

Juice: parsley, apples, carrots, spinach, ginger, leeks, beets, grapes, celery, lemon, cabbage, raspberries, and wheat grass.

9.Optic Nerve Problems: damage and loss of the protective cover surrounding the optic nerve that can cause blind spots and blurring.

Juice: parsley, ginger, beets, endive, berries, carrots, cabbage and wheat grass.