This Is The Ideal Breakfast If You Want To Lose Belly Fat!

He most important meal of the day is the breakfast, thus if you consume a healthy one, it will boost you with energy and will help you reduce your weight. Skipping the breakfast can cause you make eat more later in the day, especially the evenings.

A study from 2008 discovered that if you want to get rid of belly fat then you will have to consume eggs. Once your breakfast is full with proteins it will satisfy your hunger, keeping you full during the day. For that reason eggs are the best option. One egg which has a medium size will contain 6-7 grams of protein which is the right amount to start your day properly.

Eggs are a practical choice

Eggs which are hard-boiled are very healthy and nutritious, as well as very practical as you can prepare them easily and eat anywhere you’d want. They do not contain much calories, but have the power to make you feel satiates until the following meal.


The perfect breakfast for you would be a hard-boiled egg and one apple. They contain 160 calories and I is perfect in case you want to lose some weight. This combo will keep you away from the unhealthy foods high in sugars. This is the reason why the extra pounds occur.