Probably everyone already knows this but we should shortly remind you that there are four blood types: A, B, AB, and O. The blood type of each person is determined from birth.

Different characteristics are in every blood group according to experts.

By the person’s blood group there are a lot of aspects conditioned. And in this article you will read about that.

1. Blood type and personality – People that have blood type A are trustworthy, artistic and peaceful. People that have blood type B are strong, independent and they give their best to achieve their goals in life. People that have blood type AB are reliable, responsible and really shy people. People that have blood type O are outgoing, social, self-confident and creative.

2. Blood type and weight problems – You can determine if you will have a belly fat or no by the type of your blood. People that are prone to it are the people with blood type O, while people that do not experience belly fat problems that much are the people with blood type A.

3. Blood type and stress – The level of adrenalin is higher in the people that have blood type O and because of that they can really easy get angry and when there is a stressful situation they need longer period of time to calm down.

4. Blood type and workout – Yoga and meditation are for the people that have blood type A because they are more prone to stress and mountain climbing, tennis and martial arts are for the people that are with blood type B because they enjoy having challenges in life.

5. Blood type and pregnancy – According to medical experts, some blood types contribute to much easier conception than the others blood types. The women that have the AB blood type have a lower production of follicle stimulating hormone and that will help the body to conceive much easier.

6. Blood type and nutrition – Each group has its ‘own’ foods that that group can benefit the most. Meat consumption should be avoided by the people that have blood type A, more proteins (or more meat and fish) should be consumed by people with blood type O. Chicken meat should be avoided by the people with blood type B and plus they should increase the consumption of red meat. The consumption of meat and seafood should be increased by the people that have the blood type AB.

7. Blood type and offspring – Around 85% of the people are Rh positive. But in the cases where the man is Rh positive and the woman is Rh negative, if they have a baby, that baby is at higher risk of having health problems.

8. Each type is less or more prone to different kind of health conditions.

9. You should know your blood type in case of emergencies, because that can ‘buy’ you some time.