Put Ice Here 2 Times Per Day – Amazing!

Ancient Chinese Medicine practitioners believed that the body contains meridians with pressure points through which an energy known as Chi flows. They considered any kind of health problem directly related to the disruption of the energy flow, and that by applying pressure on certain points the problem will go away.

All the meridians in our body are connected to a certain organ, and massaging them can actually improve the flow of Chi and resolve any kind of pain. Acupuncture and acupressure are two practices which have been used to relieve pain by working on these points, but some people say that applying ice cube on the painful spot can also relieve numerous health problems. This is a simple and safe method you can try at home which can cure thyroid problems, improve your sleep and breathing and even reinforce your immune system.

The ice cube should be applied on the so-called Feng Fu point, which lies between the base of the skull and the beginning of the neck, just beneath the hairline.

Rubbing the ice cube on this point can treat the following health problems: Asthma,Insomnia,Digestive and thyroid problems;Colds and the flu;Headaches, toothaches and joint pain;Arthritis;PMS;Gastrointestinal diseases;Fatigue;Stress and depression;

The method is pretty safe for anyone regardless of age or gender (except for schizophrenics, pregnant women and people with pacemakers) and can be easily performed at home. Lie down on your stomach on a flat surface, then put an ice cube on the spot and leave it to work for about 20 minutes or until it melts. To make things go easier, secure the ice cube with a bandage or scarf. At first, the cold will be difficult to endure, but it will give way to warmth soon.