What can say a lot about the overall health of a person is the size is that person’s butt and what may not be completely accurate is the fact that fat storages are not a good thing no matter where they are on the body and that is why in this article you will read about what the shape of your butt actually says about your health.

1. ‘’V’’ Patootie – This is common in older women because then women have lower estrogen levels and the lack of estrogen is causing the bottom to move to other areas. If your butt is shaped like this then it is recommended to start losing fat right away and with that you will protect your heart.

2. Square derriere – This can indicate a few things. It might be indicator that the person has a little bit of fat around the love handles or that the person is without strong glutes. You can make the glute muscles strong and nice with simple core or glute exercises.

3. Heart shaped bum – It is the most desirable butt shape because the butt is fullest at the bottom and at the top near the waist it tapers out. But this shape does not always mean that you are completely fine and healthy because it can be indicator that there is extra fat stored in the upper thighs. If you want to have a better future health you should eliminate that extra fat right away.

4. Circle booty – This is maybe the healthiest and the butt that is the most positive indicator for the person’s health. Just to be sure if you notice that you have extra fat near the top in the upper part of the glutes, try to eliminate it and just as the all previous butt shapes you can easily do that with following the same workout program.